Keep Cool With This Steampunk Fan

I love this kind of stuff…if you ever need to keep cool in a cyberpunk style, this steampunk fan should do the trick:

Found this image on Tried to embed, but didn't work.
Found this image on Tried to embed, but didn’t work.

That is all. Happy steampunking!


Steampunk Heart Necklace

If you ever want to stumble upon an absolute beehive of steampunk activity, check out DeviantArt. There are tons of steampunk enthusiasts on the site, many of whom have created some truly outstanding steampunk artwork, jewelry, clothing, and the like. Here’s a cool steampunk heart necklace from FantasyDesigns1:


There’s tons of stuff like this on the artist’s page, so I encourage you to check it out.

Cool Steampunk Girl Drawing

Whoever did this one, I gotta tell ya, they’ve got some talent. You got yerself some draftsmanship going on here. Good stuff.

I found this picture on Pinterest at Pinterest has a gaggle of steampunk images that are beyond cool. If you’re a fan of steampunk couture and steampunk culture, you should pay them a visit.

That is all.

Fluidic Effect: A Steampunkable Image

One day recently I was Wikipedia trolling, and through a series of clicks that I’m not sure I can recount, I found this image entitled the “Fluidic Effect”. It was about some dude that claimed to be able to levitate different objects using his mind power–telekenesis, I guess. The picture immediately jumped out at me as having some serious steampunk  qualities, and I’m not fully sure why, that’s just how it struck me. You be the judge: FluidicEffectHow bout it, right??? That’s all.